How To Stay Sane During A Move

Moving can be overwhelming with so many things to think about and actually do! We can help. If you hire Get It Gone we can do all of the work for you; packing, loading, moving and unpacking and take all supplies away once you’re moved in. Or if you want to save some money, here are a few simple steps that can take so much stress out of moving. 

Start by asking yourself one simple question: HOW DO YOU EAT AN ELEPHANT? One bite at a time of course! Don’t panic, if you follow some very easy steps and you have 30 days before your move, you can do it!

1. Go room by room and put a yellow sticker on all the items you know you want/have to take with you. If it’s clothing in a closet, just put a sticker on the outside of the closet door. Then use a blue sticker for the ‘I’d like to but I’m not really sure yet’ items. We can revisit that later.  

2. Got stuff you think has some life/value still in it? Put green stickers on the items you want to sell/yard sale/consign that you can get money for. Green stickers for money! Use pink stickers for donations you want to make and finally red stickers for items that are junk. Get It Gone can come in at different times and do consignment runs, donations, etc.

3. Now how on earth do I pack this place up? Call Get It Gone, we can do all the packing for you and you can sit back and relax. Or, if you have the time and want to save some money here are some simple steps to pack up a house in 30 days, easily.

A. Gather all of the materials you need for each room, i.e. wardrobe boxes, s/m/l boxes with packing paper, packing tape and a marker. If it’s a kitchen, you will need heavy duty boxes or a few dish packs (larger boxes designed for dishes).  

B. In the morning set a timer for 20 minutes. Start in the room that will be needed the least in the last month of your stay here. (Simple videos you can find on YouTube with a search of “How to pack for moving” will give you short, easy to understand instructions on how to pack anything at all.)  Start the timer and start packing. When the timer goes off, STOP. Leave. Go do something else, anything else. 

C. After lunch (or when you get home from work) go back to where you left off, start the timer and pack some more for 20 mins. When the timer goes off, STOP. Leave, go do something else.

D. After dinner, do the same thing.

By doing this on a daily basis you will have put in a solid hour of uninterrupted time packing. After 1 week you will have a solid day of packing. And if you add another family member or 2 or 3, think of how much progress you can make without throwing your daily life into a tizzy!

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