A woman holding pillows and a man holding a box labeled “office”, symbolizing moving your business to a new location.

Tips for moving your business to a new location

As soon as your start growing your business, there are two options you must consider. You either need to expand or consider moving your business to a new location to increase customer exposure. Corporate relocation is always a source of stress because there is a risk of pausing business operations until the move is complete. However, you can continue doing business as usual with the right approach. Check out these tips to help you during the preparation process.

Look for an experienced moving company

You should never move your business on your own. Doing a DIY company relocation can cause massive problems, mainly because it takes up the time of you and your employees. This is a sure way to cause delays with business operations.

With that in mind, look for an experienced corporate moving company. They will help plan the relocation and take care of all the heavy lifting while you continue to operate as usual.

Get a moving quote

Get a moving quote before starting to plan
The next step is to determine how much the relocation will cost. Speak with the chosen moving company and get a free moving estimate.

The main reason this is important is so you can calculate your expenses. Running a business requires resources, and you need to control how much you spend on other activities. The best advice is to set a moving budget and stick to it.

Start planning on time

Being proactive with the planning process may save you from a disaster when it comes to corporate relocation. Any relocation is tricky because it always seems like you have enough time until you discover that you don't. That's when all the issues start to happen.

The only way to stay sane during a relocation is to start planning on time, especially when moving your business.

Compare the space in your new office with the old building

The office layout in the new building will look different. The space and the size of the offices are probably not the same, so have that in mind. You will need to rearrange desks and office equipment, so a timely visit to the new building is required.
Furthermore, consider whether you are moving to a building with open space or not. This will be a massive change for your employees if they are not used to it.

Create office inventory before you start packing

If you have a small company, you probably won't have a lot of things to pack. However, large corporations need to approach the packing process with care. If your company owns a lot of office equipment, it is imperative to do inventory before packing. This step will ensure you don't forget anything.
Furthermore, you will know exactly where the equipment is during the unpacking process.

Create a timeline

A moving schedule is necessary to avoid potential delays with the relocation. That's why you need to create a timeline and try to stick to it.

This timeline should include:

• informing employees about the relocation;
• providing information about the new location;
• assigning offices to teams in the new building;
• assigning relocation tasks to each employee;
• creating moving schedules for employees;
• packing of the office equipment;
• making sure that all the safety procedures are in place;
• coordinating relocation;

Once you create the schedule, make sure that all the employees are familiar with it.

Another good strategy is to calculate the timeline as if there will be delays. Give yourself a few days extra to move. This way, if something happens, you will still be within the original timeline.

Assign moving tasks to everyone

All of the employees should be included in the process of company relocation. Each employee should be responsible for moving their laptop and personal belongings.
It is best to assign different moving days for each employee. This is an excellent way to avoid confusion. It will also be easier to organize welcoming tours of the new building.
Furthermore, you need to assign people who will make sure all of the employees are following the rules. Every manager should be responsible for their own team.

Keep lines of communication open at all times

Have your managers’ report back as soon as a moving task is complete. This is an essential step. You need to be aware of all the changes that might cause delays.

Create a plan of action in case something goes wrong

Even with the best plan in place, problems could occur. You need to be ready for that. Create a plan of action in case something goes wrong. Your people need to be prepared for this as well. Everyone should be informed about alternative moving scenarios.
Being proactive in terms of understanding what can go wrong is the best way to prevent potential problems.

Advertise your business at the new location

Another thing that you have to do simultaneously with the relocation planning process is to start working on a marketing campaign for the new location. One of the best pieces of advice provided by the Link Department is to schedule an opening day ceremony to let everyone know you are here.

It is also a good idea to create special deals and promotions to attract more people. Leaving a good first impression is very important.

Moving your business to a new location starts today!

Understand that moving your business to a new location requires thorough preparation. If you take it lightly, you will make a mistake. With that in mind, take your time diligently planning every part of the process. Your preparation starts today! Use the tips we provided and make sure your business continues to operate during the relocation process. Best of luck!