a typewriter to leave a review for your moving company

Why You Should Leave a Review for Your Moving Company

One of the main moving tasks is to find a reliable moving company. It takes some effort and time to gather recommendations, browse websites and finally – read reviews. Moving reviews have proven to be an efficient way to check a moving team and their (dis)satisfied customers. That’s why writing those reviews after you’re all set up in your home is essential for the moving business. However, many people skip this step or simply forget to do it after they are finished unpacking. Let’s see all the reasons you should leave a review for your moving company – whether it’s a positive or negative one.

Keeping the magic circle running

Moving reviews are helpful for many people looking for a team to relocate their home. However, if there’s no one to write new reviews after their move, this will make it harder to check on good and scam moving companies. Writing fresh reviews keeps this circle alive, allowing new customers to find great moving teams and then recommend them to others. Writing a review can also help you with your next move. If you need to relocate again in a couple of years, you’ll find it useful to read updated reviews on a company you like. Sharing experiences and advice is surely the best way to find a company that will be your perfect fit. So, don’t forget to do it next time you move house.

Help a great moving company grow

The moving business has grown a lot, resulting in hundreds of moving companies all over the country. However, not all of them provide the same quality services. There are bad moving teams that use every chance to trick you or charge more for their services, and there are ones that can potentially scam you completely. However, there are amazing businesses that care about their customers. These are the ones you can help out with by leaving a review. Among so many businesses advertising online, you can help the good ones stand out and grow even more. More positive reviews for a moving company result in more new customers, which later leads to expansion of their services and locations. Finally, you can help a moving business expand its services. Noting what else you needed from them can help them include some additional moving services and do more for their customers.

Give warnings for a bad moving team

Unfortunately, bad moving experiences are the reality in the moving business. Scammers use very smart methods to trick people and cause additional stress when moving house. This can range from paying more for your move to a complete nightmare relocation scenario. That’s why you should always write a negative review if you’ve encountered a scamming moving business or had an unpleasant experience. This will protect other people but also prevent those businesses from doing more damage. If there’s a good reason to leave a review on a negative note, it will serve as a warning to other people but also as a reminder to the moving company to do better.

Reviews help shape expectations

By reading reviews, people narrow their options to companies that suit their needs. Also, moving reviews can help people know what to expect from a moving team and also how much they should tip. If you leave a review for your moving company saying all the important details about the move, people who have similar needs will probably hire them.

You can find a great time for your next move

If you write reviews for the services you’ve recently got, you can keep track of your experiences. This way, it will be easier to find a team you had a positive experience with, even after a long time. Leaving reviews on a site such as Yelp will save your information and make it simple to hire someone again.

How to leave a review for your moving company?

Not every review is useful and reliable. You need to ensure you share enough information about your experience and avoid oversharing. Here are some tips for writing a review after you’re done unpacking in your new home.

Choose the right platform

The first thing you should do is to pick a platform where you’ll leave a review for your moving company. The importance of Google reviews for local businesses is huge, as many businesses benefit from this platform. Positive reviews help businesses grow and ensure their ratings go up in Google Search. Also, you can leave a review on a website such as Yelp or a reputable moving review website.

Be informative

To make your review as relevant as possible, you need to put it in the context. This means you should include the necessary details that will justify your opinion, services provided, etc. Even though you shouldn’t be super specific and mention every little detail, tell more about the date, location, season, and type of relocation.

Be honest and objective

Now describe your impression of the company. You can tell about the friendliness and professionalism of the staff, punctuality, and the way they managed your items and dealt with your questions and concerns. Also, don’t’ forget any details you found surprising. In case the team did something you didn’t expect, be sure to mention it in your review.


Finally, make a quick summary of your experience to conclude the review. The final sentence should clearly show how you feel about this moving company, whether it’s a positive or a negative opinion. Tell your impression about the overall experience and mention if you would hire them again.

When you leave a review for your moving company, you help others find a good mover fast. However, it’s not only important to leave a random comment. Try to be informative and provide valuable information in your review, so it can truly help others have a smooth moving process and a stress-free moving experience.